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What makes us different from the industrial scale production, dried, extruded pasta that lines supermarket shelves?
We take time to carefully select all of our ingredients, all of the flour we use is UK grown and produced by independent farmers and millers. We select all of our raw materials carefully and treat them with respect, mixing together slowly to achieve the best dough that we possibly can before it is extruded.
 When we started out, we made the conscious decision that we wanted to use traditional methods and techniques. We therefore chose to use bronze dies to cut our pasta. Whilst this is much slower and produces a lower yield than than teflon dies as used in larger scale pasta production, bronze dies produce a superior pasta. Pasta that perfectly catches sauce with its rougher surface texture so why rush when the end product is so worth it?
We take time to make, and then dry, our pasta through a low intervention natural process. Instead of using factory style machinery to speed things up, drying occurs slowly from the inside out over a minimum 36 hour process after extrusion. This respects the organic flours that we use, allowing the pasta to develop its unique taste and flavour as it goes through a fermentation process as it gradually dries.
Slow drying of our pasta at lower temperatures preserves the structure of the gluten and the natural nutrients of the grains. This also importantly avoids damage to the product that can be caused by mechanical heat drying methods used when pasta is produced on an industrial scale.

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