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Insanely simple. Insanely delicious. Insanely good for you!

Using just a handful of ingredients, this dish is packed with protein, fibre and vitamins & minerals. Best of all it can be ready in under 30 minutes!

Green, garlicky and GORGEOUS! Get this one made ASAP...


200g bag of baby Spinach, rinsed

285g Organic White beans from a jar of Bold Bean Co. beans

2 large cloves Garlic

50g Walnuts, toasted

40g piece of Parmesan, very finely grated 

1/2 Lemon, zested and juiced

Salt & Pepper

60 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

300g pasta


Step 1

Toast nuts in the oven or a dry frying pan until golden and fragrant, set aside

Blanch spinach in large pan of salted, boiling water for 20 seconds before plunging into ice cold water. Drain, squeeze out excess water then roughly chop

Step 2

Roughly chop garlic cloves into chunky quarters and plunge into spinach water for 10 seconds to remove the raw sharpness (caused by a sulfur-containing molecule called allicin. Allicin is produced through an enzymatic reaction by the enzyme alliinase, only after the cell walls of the garlic are damaged during cutting or chopping) *thanks Google!

Step 3

Put the nuts, spinach, garlic, white beans and 30g of Parmesan in a food processor with the EVOO and lemon juice/ zest. Pulse before adding a splash (20 ml or so) of the spinach cooking water to loosen slightly and blend to a smooth consistency

Taste then season with salt and pepper, pulse again then transfer to a bowl

Step 4

Cook pasta to your liking as per packet instructions. As we aren't finishing the pasta in the sauce then cook until 'done'

Have a large mixing bowl to hand with three to four tablespoons of EVOO in it (I use the Sicilian Basil Oil from BellaTerra for this bit, giving the most amazing aromatic end notes to the sauce), then using a spider spoon, transfer pasta to the bowl before adding the white bean and spinach pesto. Mix well to combine and coat the pasta before serving with a final scattering of Parmesan

Enough to serve four alongside a big salad and some garlic bread/ serves two hungry pasta peeps with enough for a lunch leftover for one (basically me and Andrew!)

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